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What is Dance Battle Audition?

Audition Online (Korean: 오디션 온라인), also known as Dancin’ Paradise in Japan, is a downloadable multiplayer online casual rhythm game produced by T3 Entertainment. It was originally released in South Korea in 2005, but it has been localized by various publishers around the world including North America which is marketed by Nexon Corporation. Audition Online is free to play but it earns it’s revenue by selling virtual items such as clothes for the player’s avatar.

In South Korea, PSP (called Audition Portable) and cellphone versions were released on June 1, 2007 and June 4, 2007 respectively.


Audition Online first originated as a popular comic, called Audition, that is read by young adults of South Korea. With the inspiration of the comic, T3 Entertainment created Audition Online alongside with Yedang Online. The game originated in South Korea, where Audition Online gained its popularity. As popularity increased, T3 Entertainment and Yedang Online began localizing the game in other regions including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines, North America, Thailand, Taiwan, South East Asia, Vietnam, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Remaining European Countries including publishers who licensed the game in Europe. Audition was also released to a “global” audience at one point, which largely consisted of American and Vietnamese players. Updates to Global Audition were stopped due to hacking and so the server was shut down. Audition Korea continues to be the most updated version with a very large support base and weekly updates.

Audition Online is free to play, using the popular Virtual Asset Sales which is a cash shop system that allows users to use real money to purchase in-game clothes, accessories, etc. to dress up their avatars. The game is similar in effect to Bust A Groove but because this game features online connectivity, it is referred to as a multiplayer online casual game.

Electronic Times Internet, an IT news website, reported that Audition reached 50 million registered users in China, with 500,000 concurrent players. Baidu, a Chinese search engine, revealed that Audition ranks first in all its searches, and is ahead of games like Crazyracing Kartrider and World of Warcraft. To download the game please go to (singapore )for more infomations please comment.


Audition’s popularity began in South Korean and Global versions of the game. As popularity increased, more and more users signed up for the South Korean and Global servers. Due to hacking in the Global server, Bugs Corporation discontinued the server and most of the users migrated over to the South Korean servers. As more users joined the South Korean servers, T3 Entertainment and Yedang Online began localizing the game in other regions including China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, North America, Thailand, Taiwan, South East Asia, Vietnam, Brazil, United Kingdom, and Remaining European Countries. In the Asian servers, the popularity of Audition has increased rapidly with millions of users on every localized region.

In North America, the popularity has increased rapidly due to commercials aired on MTV Networks and also being number three on Seventeen Magazine’s list of hot summer to do list.

Available Regions



Official Name
Local publishers
Registration Requirements
South Korea 오디션 Korean South Korea South Korea Bugs Corp. A Korean Registration Number is required to play.
Japan Dancing Paradise Japanese Japan Japan NEXON Japan Co., Ltd. A NEXON Passport is required to play.
China 劲舞团 Simplified Chinese China China Chinese Identification Number is required.
Philippines Dance Battle Audition Philippines English Philippines Philippines IP E-Games Ventures, Inc. e-Games Philippines account
South East Asia AuditionSEA English Singapore Singapore,
Malaysia Malaysia
andThailand Thailand
AsiaSoft Online Pte, Ltd. A National ID (Identification Card) of any country is required.
Thailand Audition Online Dance Battle Thai Thailand Thailand Asiasoft Corporation Co., Ltd. Thailand identification number is required
Vietnam Nhịp điệu cuộc sống Vietnamese Vietnam Vietnam VTC – Game Online No registration requirements as of 9/12/06.
Taiwan 勁舞團 Traditional Chinese Taiwan Taiwan Insrea Game Center Corporation Taiwanese Identification Number is required.
Hong Kong 勁舞團 Traditional Chinese Hong Kong Hong Kong and Gameone No Registration Requirements
North America Online Dance Battle Audition English United States United States,
Canada Canada,
Mexico Mexico,
and Central America
NEXON America Co., Ltd. Nexon Passport is required. NOTE: North American IP’s may access the game (others may not).
Indonesia Audition AyoDance Indonesian Indonesia Indonesia PT Megaxus Infotech No Registration Requirements
Brazil Audition Online Dance Battle Brazilian Portuguese Brazil Brazil Kaizen Games No Registration Requirements
Europe Audition Europe English German French Spanish Italian Europe All European Countries Burda:ic GmbH (alaplaya) No Registration Requirements

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