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3rd Probation Night

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Third Gala Performance Night: Scholar’s Grade

1.   8.70Liezel (The Pride of Puerto Galera)

2.   7.73Van (The Heartthrob)

3.   7.63Christian (The Small Boy Wonder)

4.   7.60Sen (The Cancer Survivor)

5.   7.33Bugoy (The Farmer’s Son)

6.   6.93Bunny (The Teacher Wife)

7.   6.87Iñaki (The Stage Performer)

8.   6.83Miguel (The Romantic Crooner)

9.   6.80Apple (The Different Couple’s Daughter)

10. 6.77Cris (The Singing Interior Designer)

11. 6.73Laarni (The Independent Woman)

12. 6.40Bea (The Sweet Chanteuse)

13. 5.57Jet (The Videojock)

Goodbye Jet

* Aside from the GPAs, another revelation that took place was the announcement of this week’s Probationary Scholars. Included in the list of the bottom four performers were Continue reading