1st Gala Performance Night

*“The night that all the Scholars had been waiting for finally arrived. Given only a week, the Scholars found ways to maximize their time in preparation for their very first Performance Night.” – And here are the list of song that they performed.

1. Laarni (The Independent Woman)In Your Eyes
2. Iñaki (The Stage Performer) – Close To You  

3. Jet (The Videojock)Skyline Pigeon

4. Cris (The Singing Interior Designer)Papa Omow mow

5. Bea (The Sweet Chanteuse)Moon River
6. Miguel (The Romantic Crooner)A House Is Not Alone  

7. Christian (The Small Bot Wonder)Laklak
8. Liezel (The Pride of Puerto Galera)Dance With My Father  
9. Van (The Heartthrob)I Can’t Fight This Feeling  

10. Apple (The Different Couple’s Daughter)Papa Can You Hear Me

11. Sen (The Cancer Survivor)Kailangan Kita  

12. Sheng (The Stand-Up Comic)Salamat

13. Ross (The Stylist’s Son)Father and Son

14. Bugoy (The Farmer’s Son)You’ll Never Walk Alone  

15. Bunny (The Teacher Wife) – Thanks To You

16. Chivas (The Student Husband) – After The Lovin

Legend:   = Star Scholar  = 2nd Placer  = 3rd Placer 

 = Under Probation



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