The Academy

A new kind of reality show has hit Philippine shores with the introduction of Pinoy Dream Academy. From the brains behind the hit Big Brother and Deal or No Deal franchises, Endemol is now giving pop star hopefuls a chance to be a step closer to their dream. Originally known as Star Academy, its emerging popularity brought about its franchises in various parts of the world. Africa refers to it as Project Fame while in the US it’s touted as The One: Making a Music Star. Other countries who caught the Star Academy fever are the UK, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Romania, Portugal, the Netherlands, Middle East, Mexico, Italy, India, Greece, Germany, France, Chile, Canada, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium, and Argentina.

In spite of the various names that its been called in each country, the mechanics are basically the same, wherein the “academy” is being managed by a principal and teachers are there to teach the students various artistic disciplines. Day and night the students will be monitored by hidden cameras and there would be weekly live performances of the students where they will showcase the things they have learned and practiced in the past week. During the concert, a panel of jurors will choose five students who will be nominated for expulsion for the week. The teachers and the students will get to save two from the five suspended students. The public then gets to vote for the student they want to remain at the academy.

Star Academy is actually the second biggest reality show franchise in the world – the top being Big Brother.

Pinoy Dream Academy gives viewers the unique opportunity to find out what it takes to be a real star.



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