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1. bawal mayabang…
2. dapat mabait ka sa kapwa mo kht anung club pa xa
3. tumulong sa mga tao na nangangailangan….(like kung BP pag pilit ka nila na sama ehh alam mo na malakas ka help mo na cla para nmn mag gain din cla ng den…kht na holdup mo na NPC….)
4. Be kind
5. only 1 club per member… pg sumali kau d2 dpat d2 lng..  bwal balimbing ok?


To all of the members of Exoduz and upcoming members

NUMBER 1: We wont tolerate any misconduct among any members of the club. Any member caught with any violations of the rulez. We wont tolerate it. Don’t disgrace the name of the club anymore and dont do anything foolish. We dont want you to add anymore in our problems.

NUMBER 2: Pls. treat other players with respect, modesty and kindness may they belong to this club or not. Treat them the same courtesy even if you meet someone disagreeable. Hambog na nakita mo… wag ka din maging Hambog talo ka din sa huli. DI NAMIN KAILNGAN NG MGA MAYAYABANG D2 *ahem* so pls.. pls.. be humble

NUMBER 3: About the bot issue.. Pls. dont use it as much as possible especially most especially at the NORMAL GAMES. Common sense nalang po… Alam nyo nang bawal bat nyo pa gagamitin

NUMBER 4: Let me remind you again about the thread. Pls. stop doing off-topic discussions. One line posts and double posting so we can avoid spamming. Pls. wag na maging pasaway…

NUMBER 5: Pls. dont flame other players. If you have any problems with some else pls. deal it privately among you and the said person as much as possible.

NUMBER 6: This following days you might hear bad rumors about the club… All I want is sana… wag na patulan yung mga yun… Wag nyo hayaan na mas mapatunayan na totoo yung mga rumors na yun… We are doing what we can to stop the said rumors… but pls do your part. We are all affected pls dont add more to it…

Thank you and God Bless 😉


Exoduz Poster



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